How to become a TMI TATSUMI Business Partner?
Updated 09/24/2023

We are open to new cooperation and will gladly consider your offer.

You can read about how to properly compose and submit your application below.

How to apply:

For this you need to leave a request in the feedback form.

You can find the form in the Contact us tab in the top menu and the footer of the website.

The same form is located in the To download tab in the Information tab of the top menu.

How to apply correctly

Step 1. Field of activity.

To get started, please specify your field of activity - that way we will find the most suitable specialist for you.

Step 2. Message subject.

This is the first thing our manager will see when he opens your letter, so here you should specify the essence of the appeal as briefly as possible.

For example: "I want to become your partner."

Step 3. Message body.

At this stage you can disclose in detail the nature of your cooperation proposal.

And also attach links to the necessary documents and ask questions.

Step 4. Contact Information.

After sending an appeal, our staff will contact you within a working day by the specified data: email or mobile phone.

You can specify your preferred method of contact in the body of the letter.

Important: We only accept cooperation offers in electronic format.

Thank you for your understanding.