Are your production and products certified?
Updated 08/17/2022

All our products and the raw materials from which they are made undergo regular primary and secondary checks in specialised production laboratories.

All of our facilities spot-check products for defects and damage and check packaging before shipping a new batch.

In addition, all of our products are subjected to mandatory full testing at special European research laboratories.

This ensures that the quality of our automotive components meets and often exceeds the manufacturer's requirements.

In order to be able to provide our customers with premium quality products, we have introduced strict controls at every stage of the work:

  • Careful selection of raw material suppliers;
  • Control over the use of chemical and metallurgical materials;
  • Check the structural strength of the parts;
  • Regular testing of materials and products for corrosion resistance;
  • Testing of automotive components for resistance to adverse weather and temperature conditions.

Thanks to our serious attitude to the quality and reliability of the manufactured products, we managed to reduce the defect rate in production to 1.5%.

You can read more about our production structure under Our Production and Production (under Brand name in the top menu and General in the footer of the website).

How can I find out more about product quality?

For this data, you can contact our technical support by filing a request by phone or through the form in the Contact Us tab.