TMI TATSUMI - Japanese engineering tradition.

The TMI TATSUMI brand appeared on the Japanese market in the middle of the 20th century. TMI TATSUMI brand auto parts and components for passenger cars have quickly gained customer confidence thanks to the continuous development of the range, premium quality, and competitive pricing.

OE quality

We manufacture exclusively high-quality products. The quality is achieved through unique engineering solutions, reliable materials, and modern processing technologies. The brand's products are manufactured in modern factories that supply conveyors for leading car manufacturers.

In turn, quality control is carried out at all stages of production, and product testing is carried out in our laboratories.

Choosing auto parts TMI TATSUMI - you ensure the reliability and durability of your car!

Wide range of

TMI TATSUMI strives to become a company that customers can turn to in any circumstance. It has established itself in the consumer market by providing a wide range of quality components for leading passenger car brands.

The TMI TATSUMI trademark produces parts and spare parts for passenger cars, mainly Japanese, as well as Korean and European. The range includes automotive components from various product groups such as brakes, transmissions, cooling systems, suspension and steering, filters, belt drives, electrical equipment, automotive lamps, and wiper blades, and much more.

TMI TATSUMI's range of over 12,000 aftermarket parts is ISO certified and JP compliant.

The entire range of our products is available in the "Products" section, and you can also choose the desired product using the "Online Catalog" .

Product availability

Modern distribution centers with developed internal logistics combined with a wide partner network allow us to deliver our products on time.

With the help of advanced analytics systems, we study the dynamics of demand daily and respond to the changing needs of our customers, ensuring that our partners have the right assortment of goods in the warehouses in the right volume.

The customer support department ensures instant and error-free processing of every order.

Warranty 24 months

The undoubted advantage of the TMI TATSUMI trademark is an unconditional guarantee (24 months), according to which the buyer can return the product within two years in case of a manufacturing defect. Read more in the Warranty Policy Terms and Conditions.

360 customer support˚

The client and his interests are of the highest priority for us, for this purpose the company offers an extensive service, which includes: technical consultations with a specialist, round-the-clock customer service, marketing support for counterparties, current catalogs, as well as after-sales service.

For details, check with your regional distributor or by calling the number in the "Contacts" section.

You can also get qualified assistance in the selection of spare parts or leave a request through the feedback form on the "Contacts" page and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Fair prices

The main principle of our brand is "VALUE FOR MONEY". We provide customers with premium quality products at the best price.

Without the implementation of our flexible pricing policy, it would have been impossible to achieve competitiveness in the international market. Through the systematic analysis of competitors, we strive to offer better prices for each product category, guaranteeing an almost complete market advantage for our products.

The key principle laid down by our founders in the company was the desire to always maintain a competitive price not by reducing the quality of components, but by increasing the total efficiency of production and sales. The use of modern technologies and materials in production, optimization of production, and logistics have allowed us to reduce the costs of finished products while maintaining premium quality.