Car lamps and wiper blades

Consumable parts such as vehicle lights and wiper blades must be replaced at some point throughout the life of an automobile. It is important to replace them on a regular basis in order to maintain the needed degree of comfort and safety while driving.

Car wiper blades

Car glasses quickly lose their clarity when they become filthy, which is especially noticeable in low-light situations with restricted vision (night, fog, snow, etc.). Even pure and clean water scatters light and distorts visible objects when it collects on the glass, lowering driving vision and safety substantially. A wiper is used to clear a major portion of the outside surface of the glass (windshield and, in some cases, rear) from moisture and grime using specific brushes and a washer to give a reliable vision ahead (and, in some cases, back).

Negative factors such as cyclic mechanical loads, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the presence of abrasive particles and ice constantly affect wiper blades, causing them to age, the material that cleans the glass surface to lose its elasticity, and wear to increase gradually. With increased wear, the quality of glass cleaning begins to deteriorate; spots of poor adhesion emerge, producing dirty stripes on the glass; the brushes cease efficiently removing even a water film from the surface, and the glass begins to scrape. They must be replaced immediately in this situation.

TMI TATSUMI car wiper blades are available in several versions:

  • - Classic frame brushes.
  • - Frameless brushes.
  • - Hybrid brushes (combining the main advantages of the first two categories).

In addition, the complete range of choices for winter brushes, which are particularly built for successful operation in low temperatures, can be separated into a distinct category. They're distinguishable from other types by their reinforced structure, which allows them to perform under large loads in snow and ice. It is also possible to examine the wiper blades meant for the car's rear window, which operate in considerably more contaminated circumstances.

TMI TATSUMI brushes are distinguished from others by the distinctiveness of the fasteners and full compliance with OE standards. Our wiper blades have an unique rubber working surface with a complicated design, which helps to reduce abrasion on the glass while cleaning it properly. The TMI TATSUMI brushes' design ensures that they make the closest contact possible with the surface of the automobile glass, resulting in effective cleaning without gaps throughout the whole accessible area.

TMI TATSUMI brushes have a unique graphite coating on the rubber element to reduce friction against glass and give extra protection against early wear. Our frameless and hybrid brushes now feature an even more effective Teflon coating for optimum noise reduction and increased endurance.

TMI TATSUMI frameless brushes come with a proprietary adapter system that allows them to be installed on nearly any contemporary automobile as long as the brush length matches the required one.

Car wiper blades
Car lamps

The range and quality of road illumination, as well as the efficiency of light signaling in the car, affect traffic safety, comfort, and the degree of driver tiredness. Installing dependable and high-quality vehicle lighting pays off every time.

The TMI TATSUMI brand offers a diverse range of automobile lamps, including tiny lamps for use in light signaling systems, as well as halogen and xenon headlamps in a variety of configurations. Our lamps have all been approved to the European ECE R90 standard.

Automotive lamps manufactured in strict accordance with standards provide great visibility on the road at all times of the day. The spiral and bulb design characteristics of the halogen lights give increased brilliance for extra roadway illumination. Auto lights with strict structural standards were able to withstand the impact of vibrations better and had a longer service life.

Car lamps
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The use of high-quality raw materials and the verification of finished products for compliance with all the necessary requirements allow us to assert that premium spare auto parts and components are produced for the aftermarket under the TMI TATSUMI brand.
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