Drive belts

Drive belts carry torque from the vehicle's powertrain to different attachments, such as a generator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, hydraulic power steering pump, and so on.

In addition to attachment drive, the belt drive (typically a toothed belt drive) is used in gas distribution systems of car engines to transfer rotation from the crankshaft to one or more camshafts that regulate the opening and shutting of valves in the cylinders of the power plant.

The performance of both the power plant and the automobile as a whole is directly determined by the quality and dependability of the utilized drive belts. Broken drive belts render the car immobile and often necessitate costly repairs.

TMI TATSUMI belts' extended service life and excellent operational stability are due to the use of high-quality raw materials in their manufacture. Our drive belts deliver outstanding performance thanks to cutting-edge production processes and strict adherence to OE standards. TMI TATSUMI belts function reliably even in the most severe situations because to the excellent heat and chemical resistance of the materials employed.

V-belts and V-ribbed belts are among the products we provide. We also have a broad range of belts for engine timing mechanisms, which may be purchased alone or as part of repair packages.

Drive belts
Rollers for drive belts and timing belts

The continuous tension of the drive and timing belts within a strictly specified framework is required for steady functioning. If the tension is too low, the drive belts will start to slip, making a distinctive whistling sound, and the resultant friction will heat up and wear out rapidly. Any slippage in a timing belt is totally undesirable, since it will surely result in engine failure and damage. Belts (like the bearing units of pulleys) are subjected to substantially larger stresses when tension is extremely high - they stretch, begin to collapse within, and rapidly become useless.

The right tension of the driving belts is ensured by parts such as rollers and belt tensioners. They must maintain the appropriate tension on the belts as their working surface abrades and stretches, in addition to the initial stress.

The TMI TATSUMI brand offers a wide selection of rollers for a wide range of automobile makes and models. Despite this, they share a number of characteristics, including great vibration resistance, long durability, and excellent resistance to chemically active chemicals' impacts.

Their bearing assembly is built to a high degree of precision, with polished sliding surfaces and balls to ensure maximum resource (in complete accordance with Japan Industrial Standards (JIS)). Seals made of wear-resistant rubber that are thermally and chemically stable reliably protect bearings with efficient lubrication against the entry of different liquids and abrasives.

Our casters are well adapted to the individual cars for which they are designed, thanks to adherence to OE requirements.

Rollers for drive belts and timing belts
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The use of high-quality raw materials and the verification of finished products for compliance with all the necessary requirements allow us to assert that premium spare auto parts and components are produced for the aftermarket under the TMI TATSUMI brand.
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